A patented innovation,
optimized light transmission,
aesthetic and discreet.

Satisfied customers

Mostiglass® and its testing in Paris

"Gocap has been spotted by the architects of the city of Paris for the huge project « Réinventer Paris ». The city’s hygiene services have passed order for the kitchens of eight day nurseries. In the 13th arrondissement, Mostiglass will soon be installed in the eco-responsible Ivry-Levassor primary school. Ventilation grids for buildings and greenhouses, sun shades, the desire to create even more pleasant to the eye perforations, Gocap offers a wealth of ideas, keeps inventing and widening the fields of application for its mosquito screen. In addition to the general public Mostiglass has drawn the attention of institutional representatives. The ARS (Agence Régionale de Santé) of Guadeloupe has equipped their research laboratories with le most into screens. The Army is deeply interested in the product."

There are two major Mostiglass versions

A transparent perforated sheet
can be taped, stapled
is compatible with magnetic tapes
can be integrated in roller shades.

A transparent and perforated sheet
an « unbreakable » rigid screen
        for safe and secure ventilation
compatible with magnetic fixing,
        drilling and assembly

Mostiglass Rigide, an unrivaled worldwide product

Exploiting a principle of Physics, Mostiglass cools the incoming air by a few degrees

Significant temperature lowering

Numerous installation possibilities

With customized items, from the flexible sheet to the window pane up to assembled products, Mostiglass meets all your needs.
Plain sheets with magnetic fixing
Plain sheets with screws
Permanent frames
Removable frames