Mostiglass® double door

Designed to be adapted to 2-leaf French doors and sliding bay windows, the Mostiglass® double door is made up of two openings (or leaves) incorporating Mostiglass® glazing rigid, and two frames.
A magnetic closure system allows the whole thing to close.

It is installed in the opening panel or on the wall, like a storm door or "American door".

The Mostiglass® double door
and its advantages

Double door system

This product is presented as a double American-style storm door, offering a robust security solution while integrating the distinctive characteristics of Mostiglass.

Adapted to frequent use

The Mostiglass® double door is a “high traffic door“: it is specially designed to withstand frequent opening and closing cycles.


It is possible to install an optional lock with key on the door to increase the security of your opening.

Basic colors available

3 basic colors are available for the frame: white (RAL9010), anthracite grey (RAL7016) and light grey (RAL9006).

They cover most aesthetic needs.

More than 150 colors (RAL) optional

Our frames offer a wide range of optional colors, with over 150 shades available according to the RAL color chart.

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Additional information

The Mostiglass® double door offers many advantages
but additional information are issued regarding the use of this product.

Using a drill

Installation of this product presents no particular difficulties. The use of a drill is recommended for the fixing points on the wall.

Swing shutters

The presence of swing shutters may present an obstacle to the installation of the Mostiglass® double door.

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Installation of the Mostiglass® double door

Schéma porte double

Door positioning

The door is pre-assembled.
Position the door in the intended location. Two systems are possible:

  • in the masonry panel, (recommended system)
  • surface mounted, against the exterior wall (offset profiles are intended to recreate the conditions of a frame)
If necessary, position shims under the lower part of the Mostiglass® door so that the whole “frame – opening” is horizontal.
The upper crosspiece of the Mostiglass® door must be as close as possible to the panel.


Fixing the door

Mark the position of the frame with a pencil.
The fixing system is pre-drilled, no additional drilling is required in the sleeping.
Screw into the table, using a drill and hardware suitable for the nature of the wall is necessary.
Tip: check after each screwing that the sash closes correctly, the corresponding magnets.


Hinge adjustment

When the door is correctly fixed, tension the spring hinges with a hex key.

Frequently asked questions
about the Mostiglass® double door

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