Mostiglass® for roof and skylight

Mostiglass® glazing for roofs and dormer windows

Designed to be suitable for roof windows and dormer windows, this product is made of semi-rigid glazing (1mm), magnetic strips and hinges.

Mostiglass® glazing is installed around the perimeter of the opening.
It is reinforced by hinges on its upper part.

Mostiglass® glazing for roofs and dormer windows
and its advantages

Brightness preserved

Thanks to its properties and its design, the semi-rigid Mostiglass® glazing preserves the brightness of the room.

Reinforced support

The hinge reinforces the hold of the glazing

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Additional information

Mostiglass® glazing for roofs and dormer windows offers many benefits
but additional information are issued regarding the use of this product


Raindrops may pass when it rains.


This product is surface-mounted around the ceiling opening.

Configuration constraints

For downward openings, the roof window should be installed in a tunnel.

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Installation of Mostiglass® glazing for roofs and dormer windows

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Cutting magnetic tapes

Cut the lengths of the magnetic strip, corresponding to those of the Mostiglass, then the widths reduced by 3.8 cm.
Cut out their duplicates.

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Symmetrical placement of magnetic strips

Place the magnetic strip and its double face to face.
They must be very symmetrical.
If we observe a shift in width: change the positioning of one of the two strips, turn it in the opposite direction.


Putting the magnetic tapes

Stick the strips around the edge of the opening.
When the strips and their doubles are in place around the opening, stick the Mostiglass.
Pre-installed hinges are preferably located at the top of the window. Tip: It is best to remove the protective films from the glue as you go.


Fixing the hinges

Screw the pre-installed hinges.

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