Double sliding Mostiglass® frame

Double sliding Mostiglass® frame

Designed to be suitable for 2-leaf patio doors and bay windows, this product is made up of two frames, two glazings Rigid Mostiglass® of the size of the bay leaves, two high rails, four roller trolleys, four stops limit switch and two ground guides.

The frames overlap one another in the closed position and cover the entire opening in the open position.

The rails are the entire width of the opening and have a width of 5.5 centimeters.
Double sliding Mostiglass® frame Double sliding Mostiglass® frame

The Mostiglass® double sliding frame
and its advantages

Adaptability to opening

This product completely covers the opening and offers the possibility of being slid to cover only part of it, leaving the possibility of leaving a passage between the interior and exterior.

Brightness and visibility preserved

Thanks to the properties of rigid Mostiglass® glazing, the brightness of the room is preserved.

Covers large areas

The design of the rigid Mostiglass® glazing allows it to cover an area of ​​up to 3.5m2 without reinforcement bar.
Reinforcement bars can be used for larger areas.

One-time withdrawal

The sliding Mostiglass® frame can be removed occasionally.

Basic colors available

3 basic colors are available for the frame: white (RAL9010), anthracite grey (RAL7016) and light grey (RAL9006).

They cover most aesthetic needs.

More than 150 colors (RAL) optional

Our frames offer a wide range of optional colors, with over 150 shades available according to the RAL color chart.

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Additional information

The Mostiglass® double frame offers many advantages
for a good fit, we recommend that you take note of the following information.

Minimum spacing

The spacing between the shutter and the opening must be at least 5.5 centimeters.

Using a drill

Installation of this product presents no particular difficulties. The use of a drill is recommended for the fixing points on the wall.

Do you have a need and want to know which product is most suitable?

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Installation of the double sliding Mostiglass® frame

Schéma cadre coulissant double

Placement of roller carts in the rail

Start by inserting 2 rolling carts into each rail.


Inserting the end stops

Insert the end stops into the slider rails.


Fixing the rails

Attach the rails to the top of the board.
Attention: check that the roller carriages and end stops are correctly installed on the rails.


Attaching the frame to rolling carts

Use the rods already positioned on the Mostiglass® frames to attach them to the rolling carts.


Guide positioning

Position the guides so that their groove is centered across the width of the opening.
Make sure the frames slide perfectly on the guides to ensure smooth movement of the slider.


Fixing the guide to the ground

Securely attach the guide to the floor to ensure stability and proper alignment of the product.


Brush seals and seals

For good sealing, brush seals are provided and can be installed in the gaps to be filled around the frame.
To ensure good adhesion to their installation, clean with alcohol the part of the frame where the brush seals will be glued.

Brush seals

Brush seals are supplied with this product and are to be used to plug the gaps (if necessary) between the Mostiglass® product and the joinery and thus ensure the sealing of the system for optimal functioning of Mostiglass® technology.

In the case of final installation of the product the brush seals can be replaced by silicone seals.

Frequently asked questions
about the double sliding Mostiglass®