Surface-mounted Mostiglass® glazing

Surface-mounted Mostiglass® glazing

Designed to be suitable for windows, this product is made of rigid Mostiglass® glazing or semi-rigid and magnetic strips and transparent fasteners with adhesive Velcro.

The installation of the glazing is done outside the opening allowing the window to close without removing the product while offering the advantages of Mostiglass® technology.

The magnetic strips must be installed around the outside edge of the window in correspondence with the magnetic strips fixed on the Mostiglass® glazing.
The adhesive tabs are installed on the interior uprights of the joinery to reinforce the maintenance of the whole.

If the surface to be covered is less than 1 meter2, Mostiglass® semi-rigid may be used, beyond the size rigid Mostiglass® is recommended.

It is possible to add folding retaining rings (optional) to allow better handling of the product.
Surface-mounted Mostiglass® glazing Surface-mounted Mostiglass® glazing

Mostiglass® surface-mounted glazing
and its advantages

Opening and closing the window without removing the system

The installation from the outside of the joinery allows the opening and closing of the windows without having to remove the Mostiglass® glazing.

Reinforcement of the attachment to the joinery

The fasteners, made of scratch adhesive strips, reinforce the attachment to the joinery. By adding an extra layer of stability, these clips prevent accidental separation.

Weather resistance

Thanks to its polycarbonate design, Mostiglass® surface-mounted glazing is weather-resistant.


Rigid and semi-rigid Mostiglass® distinctions

Mostiglass® glazing is available in two versions in order to offer products adapted to any situation.

Rigid Mostiglass®

Rigid Mostiglass® is the most robust and resistant product in our range.

Thanks to its thickness of 2mm, its solidity makes it an ideal choice for covering large surfaces, offering 100% effective protection against tiger mosquitoes and against other external pests.

In addition to its robustness, Mostiglass ® rigid is designed to preserve the natural light of your interior.

Its physical properties contribute to an optimal lowering, ensuring thermal comfort while preventing insects from entering.

Offers strength and robustness

Allows optimal lowering of temperature

Protects from pests

Preserves brightness

Covers large areas

Mostiglass® semi-rigid

The flexibility of semi-rigid Mostiglass® makes it an adaptable solution, which can be inserted into narrow places or of difficult access.

Its 1mm thickness gives it great lightness and makes it a practical choice for installation on roof windows and dormer windows, where other solutions could be more restrictive .

Just like its rigid equivalent, semi-rigid Mostiglass® preserves natural light and allows a lowering of the temperature of the incoming hot air.

Its characteristics help to create a pleasant indoor environment, while ensuring protection against insects.

Offers flexibility and lightness

Lowers the temperatures

Protects from pests

Preserves brightness

Suitable for roofs and dormer windows


Additional information

Mostiglass® surface-mounted glazing offers many advantages
for a good fit, we recommend that you take note of the following information.

Use not recommended in strong winds

Using this product in strong winds or extreme weather conditions creates a risk of the product falling from its support.

Installation in floors

We do not recommend installing this product on high floors, as the magnetic fixing requires particular care in high winds.

User Responsibility

The use of this product is the responsibility and common sense of the buyer.

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Installation of surface-mounted Mostiglass® glazing

Schéma vitrage magnétique

Symmetrical placement of magnetic strips

After cutting the strips, check their polarity.
The magnetic strips must be positioned face to face in a perfectly symmetrical manner.
If an offset is observed, reverse the direction of one of the two strips and ensure that the alignment is perfect.

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Gluing the first magnetic strip

After checking the placement of the magnetic strips on the installation media, remove the protective film then stick the magnetic strip around the opening.
Position the second on top.
Check that the support is clean and flat to guarantee optimal adhesion.


Installation of Mostiglass® glazing on magnetic strips

Glue the Mostiglass® glazing to the magnetic strips in place.
It is possible to remove the protective films as the bonding progresses to avoid any adhesion problems.


Installing the adhesive tabs

Then cut and stick the scratch adhesive strips on the interior upright of the joinery, ensuring that the surface is flat and clean.
The cut pieces must have a length equal to the interior width of the frame.

Position each adhesive strip on the frame upright, sticking the Velcro part underneath (preferably the hook part) after removing the protective film.
Glue the flexible Mostiglass® tab to the top Velcro strap (preferably the buckled part).

Important: The tab must run alongside the Mostiglass® and the joinery, in the position that it will have the window closed. Use scissors to cut off the excess.

Addition of folding retaining rings on Mostiglass® surface-mounted glazing

Foldable retaining rings (optional) can be added to improve product handling.

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